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You can use Ethers and Bitcoins to get involved in the ICO.
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A truly decentralized market

Based upon Ethereum for the logic and IPFS for the content, Agora is the first market thought in the interest of all parties. Register on it using your current Ethereum Wallet and then you can buy or sell over the marketplace*. An automatic system is holding the funds during the transaction. That way, if something goes wrong you can always get your money back.

A profitable place

When a transaction is made over Agora, a 2% fee is taken and transferred to a special contract. Every month, all Agora token holders can claim their part of the fees gathered during the period. This is how the market is profitable for investors as well as for the development team which holds tokens too. These tokens held by the Agora team is the way developers can work and live off building Agora.

Seller's new home

As a seller, you can create your place, fully-customized, to sell your goods or services. All the assets that make your market so beautiful and unique are stored on IPFS, so they are as distributed as the market.

You will be able to choose colors, pictures and the layout with a fully customizable CSS to make your place completely unique.


You can find more detail on each step inside the whitepaper.
January 2017
August 2017
Base development
September 2017
Mobile apps
February 2018
Search engine
October 2018
Postal tracking
March 2019

They talk about us

Whitepaper and information

You want to see what's under the hood ? Check out our whitepaper, it is full of information of how Agora is going to be ! If you want more, come talk to us directly on Slack, we'll be pleased to discuss with you.

We are open by nature, you can be a part of the development process once it begins. Just open a pull request on github.

Come talk with us

If you have any question or you just want to say hello !

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Enter the Ethereum address where you want to receive your AGOs

You can safely invest into Agora !
If the ICO isn't a success, you can get back your Ethers from the smart-contract.
To buy tokens, you need to send the amount you want of Ether to :

With the following data :

And with the following gas amount :

The data is used to trigger the method on the contract, it is a mandatory parameter.
You can also download our startup guide here.
Do not try to send Ethers from an exchange or a multi-sig wallet : you won't be able to get your tokens.
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The team

Jérémy Seban

Developer for almost ten years, blockchain enthusiast since the first days, Jérémy is our lead developer and CEO.

Vincent Quadrelli

As our product manager, Vincent will lead the project team once the funds raised.

Paul Meutey

Frontend developer for several years, Paul is responsible of the javascript architecture.

Adrien Prokopowicz

Backend developer, Adrien is the mind behind the decentralized search-engine over distributed technologies.